CPP Disability Benefits

CPP Disability Benefits

CPP is a federal government social insurance program (as opposed to Ontario WSIB) which is designed to supplement a contributor’s income, not replace it. It oftentimes will supplement WSIB monthly income which may or may not entirely replace the worker/contributor previous income. The amount of the CPP benefit depends upon an individual’s yearly contributions until they were unable to work.

While the WSIB may pay partial monthly benefits, CPP pays all or nothing. The legal test for CPP eligibility is whether you are able to work at ANY job not just your old job.

However CPP will consider all of your injuries/conditions at your disablement date unlike WSIB which in theory only considers your work related injuries. Therefore conditions such as heart attacks, cancer, and other non-work related conditions will be considered to determine if your condition is prolonged and severe. The onus is on on you to prove this which may not be an easy task for the ordinary person no matter what the condition or injury.

When To Get In Touch

When you have been injured at work or disabled.
When you have an appeal and need some one to protect you.
When you have questions you need an expert to answer.
When you need answers about your financial future.

You may have hard to prove conditions such as Fibromyalgia, MS, Complex Regional Syndrome (RSD), Mild Brain Injury (MBI), Chronic Pain, Lupus, Psychological Condition (Depression) and other ailments which do not show up on formal testing such as X-ray, MRI , Cat Scan, EMG or other testing. These are the conditions others may advise you they can help you with regarding attempting to obtain benefits. We can and do this routinely, knowing precisely the medical evidence required in order to be successful.

As with all our files our firm not only gathers all of the medical information and records but also obtains critical reports from your treating physicians to address the specific and exacting criteria which these bureaucracies require in order to grant you benefits.

We provide you with straightforward answers to common questions about CPP and all other concerns in our first initial free consultation.

We assist you at all stages of the CPP process, from the critical initial CPP Disability Application and Medical Report (which if not done correctly can adversely affect you) to all levels of appeal in the newly established Social Security Tribunal (SST).